1/8 Truggy! BLOCK IN / WHITE WHEEL (Pair)

1/8 Truggy! BLOCK IN / WHITE WHEEL (Pair)

Shipping Mid Febuary 2022!!!!!


Jetko JK1202 Block-In : 1/8 Truggy racing tire

The Jetko Block-In 1/8 Truggy Tires which comes with lightweight grooved cell inserts.

The Block-In tire has been designed to fit between Sting and Marco
when you have a slightly dusty surface, but you need better wear
characteristics due to an abrasive surface or a surface that is
polished and creates lots of wheel spin.

The pin size and spacing has been adjusted to give more room for
dust to clear the tread pattern yet still have the pin density across the
carcass to give it great wear characteristics